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TTAP Newsletter: RoadTalk

Damage to vehicle due to metal debris

Roadway Safety - Secured Cargo

by Dr. Airton G. Kohls

In the 2012 winter edition of our RoadTalk newsletter we wrote an article titled “Our Commitment to Roadway Safety”. There, we provided information on a set of countermeasures addressing Roadway Departure Safety, including installing advanced curve warning signs, providing curve delineation chevron signs, installing object markers, creating clear zones, installing center line and edge pavement markings, etc.

Damage to vehicle due to tire tread on the road

Today I would like to address a simple procedure that can save lives on the roads and help your agency avoid liability issues. Agencies all around the state have personnel driving vehicles to and from worksites several times during the day. Many of these vehicles carry (usually on truck beds, bucket trucks, etc.) all sorts of equipment to be used to make our roads safer, from trimmers to air compressors to stop signs to hammers, you name it. What happens when a piece of equipment not appropriately secured on the vehicle falls out on the road? It definitely becomes a potential hazard for other road users. So, it is best practice to systematically check if equipment is appropriately secured to a service vehicle. It is also best practice to report to police any hazardous debris on the road. Please, constantly remind your personnel to engage in this practice!

Unrestrained sign pole coming through windshield causing loss of life