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Workshop Training Available

Education and training opportunities are available through the University of Tennessee Center for Transportation Research (CTR) and Tennessee Transportation Assistance Program (TTAP). This listing of courses currently available includes both TTAP and TATE courses. The Tennessee Academy for Transportation Engineering (TATE) is an educational program providing continuing education for engineers, planners, designers and technicians. The program focuses on the basic design of transportation facilities, the evaluation of traffic operations, and the collection of data to support various transportation studies. Successful completion of the required curricula of core and elective courses, confers TATE certification. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) can be granted for the workshops.

The Center for Transportation Research offers the Traffic Signal Academy focusing on academic research findings and established best practices in signal timing procedures and policies. This reliable information can help improve benefit-to-cost ratios by operating new or existing systems with greater efficiency. Participants may take individual classes or a series of six classes. Please see the website for full details about class content, fees, registration options, contact information, and more.

The Training Schedule is listed on page 7. Please check our website for the updates and additional listings.

TTAP is always eager to meet your research and training needs. If you have a special course in mind or would like a course held on site especially for your employees, please contact Frank Brewer at 1-800- 252-ROAD.


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