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2024 Courses

TTAP Class Rail Class TATE Class Traffic Signal Class
MUTCD 11th Edition - Changes to Chapter 4 on Highway Traffic Signals (--Postponed--)  Date To Be AnnouncedWebinarDuane H. Thomas
Design of At-Grade IntersectionsApril 23 & 24Online WorkshopAlan L. Childers
The Safe System Approach: What is it and why is it getting so much attention?April 25WebinarMark Doctor, PE
Local Government Guidelines Manual and Right-of-Way/NEPA (No Seats Remaining)April 30, May 1KnoxvilleVarious
Keeping You and Your Agency Out of CourtMay 7&8Online WorkshopRonald W. Eck
Railroad Track DesignMay 13 - 15KnoxvilleDave Clarke
Roadside Design Guide - PART IMay 15&16Online WorkshopJeff Jasper, P.E.
Basic Railroad Track MaintenanceMay 16 & 17KnoxvilleDave Clarke
Railroad Bridge InspectionMay 20-22KnoxvilleRichard Bennett, Dave Clarke
Roadside Design Guide - PART IIMay 21&22Online WorkshopJeff Jasper, P.E.
Transportation Asset ManagementMay 29Online WorkshopTodd Morrison
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsJune 3 - 7ChattanoogaDave Clarke
Basic Traffic StudiesJune 11 & 12Online WorkshopDavid Metzger
Reducing Rural Roadway DeparturesJuly 16 & 17Online WorkshopRonald W. Eck, PE
Highway Safety AnalysisAugust 6 & 7Online WorkshopDavid Metzger
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsSeptember 9 - 13Galveston, TXDave Clarke
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsNovember 4 - 8ChattanoogaDave Clarke
Traffic Signal AcademyDecember 2-6, 9KnoxvilleAirton Kohls

Answers to the trivia questions in the April RoadTalk Express email newsletter.

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George Cayley invented the seat belt. He devised it keep him safely in his glider. On Feb. 10, 1885, Edward J. Claghorn was awarded the first patent for an automobile seat belt.
It was not until 1959 that Nils Bohlin invented the modern 3-point seat belt.
Nils Bohlin was an engineer at Volvo. Volvo immediately and for free gave the technology device to other car makers.
In 1955 California required manufacturers to make seat belts available in automobiles.
The State of New York was the first state to mandate the use of seat belts. This did not occur until 1984. Prior to this it is estimated seat belt usage to be about 14%