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Hygiene in the Workplace

Good hygiene in the workplace is essential for maintaining a healthy environment for all employees and limiting the spread of illness. There are several things employers can do to ensure that workers are practicing proper hygiene while also ensuring that facilities are sanitary.

We know hand washing is the single most importay way to prevent the transmission of infectious deseases. Did you know there is a right way to wash! Click here for a pdf article on how to practice good hygiene in the workplace.

Washing your hands: The purple paint demonstration

How's your handwashing technique? A Spartanburg (South Carolina) Regional infection preventionist slathers on purple paint to show how it's done.


Dealing with Stress

Stress is a common occurrence many of us are aced with it everyday, but we might not know how to deal with it. Today, especially, there are unknowns that can lead to stress. It is important to learn how to handle stress because it can affect our performance and relationships in our work and ome. At work, stress can lead to distraction and cause an unfortunate accident. At home, stress an put a strain on family relationships. Click here for an informative PDF that may help.


COVID-19 Working Safe in Construction

As we, in the construction industry, start down the long road of systematically getting back to work, it is critical that we prevent the spread of COVID-19 and avoid a second wave.

In this effort, a full range of safeguards were put together in a video distributed through the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA).

Several features of transportation work allow it to be performed at significantly reduced COVID-19 risk. In the outdoor setting of these projects, social distancing and dispersal of workers are already common and now mandated.

State of Tennessee COVID-19 page.

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University of Tennessee COVID-19 page.

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COVID-19 resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Resources for business and employers.

Symptoms and Testing.

Daily Life and Coping.