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2024 Courses

TTAP Class Rail Class TATE Class Traffic Signal Class
MUTCD 11th Edition - Changes to Chapter 4 on Highway Traffic Signals (--Postponed--)  Date To Be AnnouncedWebinarDuane H. Thomas
Pedestrian and Bicyclist Considerations in Work Zones February 26WebinarTodd Morrison
Urban Street Design-Complete StreetsFebruary 27 & 28Online WorkshopAlan L. Childers
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsMarch 4-8ChattanoogaDave Clarke
Fundamentals of Traffic ControlMarch 5 & 6Online WorkshopDavid Metzger
Traffic CalmingMarch 12 & 13Online WorkshopRonald W. Eck, PE
Traffic Signal AcademyApril 29,30, May 1,2,3,6KnoxvilleAirton Kohls
Railroad Track DesignMay 13 - 15KnoxvilleDave Clarke
Roadside Design Guide - PART IMay 15&16Online WorkshopJeff Jasper, P.E.
Basic Railroad Track MaintenanceMay 16 & 17KnoxvilleDave Clarke
Railroad Bridge InspectionMay 20-22KnoxvilleRichard Bennett, Dave Clarke
Roadside Design Guide - PART IIMay 21&22Online WorkshopJeff Jasper, P.E.
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsJune 3 - 7ChattanoogaDave Clarke
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsSeptember 9 - 13Galveston, TXDave Clarke
Railroad Track Inspection & Safety StandardsNovember 4 - 7ChattanoogaDave Clarke
Traffic Signal AcademyDecember 2-6, 9KnoxvilleAirton Kohls

Answers to the trivia questions in the February RoadTalk Express email newsletter.

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Ferdinand Porsche, yes that one, modified an artillery tractor by adding a winch in 1908. This was used as a recovery vehicle for other stuck tractors.
Yes, that one IS Ernest Holmes Sr. of Chattanooga. The major innovation for this truck was the use of a split boom. These acted as outriggers to stabilize the truck while it pulled from the side. He patented his idea in 1918.
It is the Miller M100. It has a boom rated for 100 tons. Developed and manufactured by Miller Industries of Ooltewah, TN.
With special permitting a combined length of 90 feet is allowable. It may be 13 feet 10 inches high. 12 feet 6 inches wide. May have combined weight of 165,000 pounds.
For smaller trucks a regular license is acceptable. A CDL is required for trucks over 26,000 pounds.
Outside of Ft. Campbell military base, I don't think so. If you know of any publicly owned/operated tow trucks in Tennessee please let us know.