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National LTAP & TTAP Association

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Cold In Place Recycled Asphalt

Aug 18, 2022 | 2:00–3:30 pm Eastern

Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR) consists of recycling asphalt pavement without the application of heat. It is a process that often uses a multi-unit recycling train that consists of tanker trucks, milling machines, crusher/screener units, mixers, and pavers. It provides an alternative to traditional mill and overlay. CIR is an on-site application for roadways that do not have major underlying structural issues, such as deep cracking, poor drainage, pumping and saturated subgradematerials. It is an option for fixing pavement failures such as potholes, rutting, fatigue and block cracking. CIR has been in practice for decades yet is underutilized. CIR supports greener practices, sustainability, and cost effectiveness. The Federal Highway Administration will host an informative Innovation Exchange webinar with subject matter experts to discuss the benefits of CIR, optimal project conditions, performance specifications, and what you need to know before considering CIR in future pavement contracts.

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Conducting Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Inspection -

2-day (2 hours each session)

Aug 24-25, 2022 - 10 am-12 pm Eastern

Conducting Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Inspection will provide online training for field inspectors to perform traffic sign retroreflectivity inspection using the approved methods by the FHWA for agencies responsible for sign maintenance. The 2009 Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) established minimum levels for traffic sign retroflectivity that must be maintained by all agencies with roadways open to the public. For traffic signs to be effective providing important information to drivers, they must be visible both day and night.

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